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Advertisement date June 27, 2024 @ 9:30 a.m. through bid opening date

Papich Construction Company is currently working on Caltrans 09-368004 and is seeking quotes from DBE subcontractors. Please take a look at the following project information and let us know if you’re interested in providing a quote for any of the material supplies or work on this project. If you have any questions, please email Estimating Dept. at estimating@papichconstruction.com
Thank you.

Papich Construction Company Is requesting quotations from all qualified DBE Sub-contractors and Material suppliers for the following project:
Agency: Caltrans No. 09-368004
Project: Construction on State Highway In Mono County About 16 Miles North Of Bridgeport From Burcham Flat Road To 0.3 Mile South Of Route 108
Quotes due by: Friday, July 19th, 2024, by 5:00 PM

Estimating Dept.
Email: estimating@papichconstruction.com

General work description: Hot mix asphalt (type A), rail element wall, and roadway excavation.

Quotes for Services Needed: Roadway Excavation, Imported Borrow (Cy), Roadside Clearing, Full Depth Recycling-No Stabilizer, Asphaltic Emulsion (Full Depth Recycling-No Stabilizer), Sand Cover (Full Depth Recycling-No Stabilizer), Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Place Hot Mix Asphalt (Miscellaneous Area), Tack Coat

Requirements: At the time of the bid, all subcontractors must possess a valid and relevant California Contractors License, a valid DIR registration number, meet the project’s minimum insurance requirements, and be 100% bondable. All subcontractor, supplier, and trucking proposals must be in strict accordance with the project plans, specifications, and any addenda issued. In addition, all Supplier and Subcontractors will be required to execute Papich’s standard subcontract or purchase order agreement (available upon request). Waiver of Subrogation will be required. Papich is a signatory contractor and will require a one-time job agreement for any non-union Subcontractors. Submission of a proposal shall constitute subcontractor, supplier, or trucker acceptance of all terms as listed above. Any attempted deviation or revision to said terms shall not be recognized by Papich. Papich can offer DBE firms assistance with bidding this contract including but not limited to: reducing items of work into smaller scopes, providing reimbursement for payment/performance bond premiums, and providing assistance obtaining materials. All requests for assistance must be made prior to the project bid date. Additionally, DBE firms must possess a valid and current certification to be considered for this contract. Questions concerning above requirements should be directed to our office prior to submission of a proposal.

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This advertisement will run through the bid date.



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