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Advertisement date April 10th, 2024 @ 12:33 p.m. through bid opening date

Griffith Company Requests Sub-bids from All Qualified & Certified DBE, DVBE, MBE, WBE, OBE, SDB, ELBE, SLBE WOSB, HUBZone, and SDVOSB Subcontractors/Suppliers for:

Agency: City of San Diego | Bid No. K-24-1973-DBB-3-A
Project: Southcrest Green Infrastructure
Estimated Bid Value: $3,390,000.00
Bids open May 30, 2024, at 2:00 PM

Scope of Services: Southcrest Green Infrastructure proposes to install a storm water biofiltration basin best management practice (BMP), a subsurface storm water detention vault, and proprietary permanent BMPs. Associated work includes installation of planting and irrigation for the biofiltration basin, storm drain inlets, storm drain pipes, storm drain cleanouts, pavement restoration, and curb ramps, in accordance with the plans numbered 41149-1-D through 41149-41-D.

Project Plans & Specs: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/wmx8icn4r6bez2i9txi39/h?rlkey=0j80xfu4n42urfxsmohgnkw5c&dl=0

Quotes for Services and Supplies requested for the following items for bid including, but not limited to: Bonds (Payment and Performance), Exclusive Community Liaison Services, Weed Abatement/Herbicide, Water Capacity Fees (EOC Type I), Remove and Reinstall Bus Shelter, Mobilization, Field Orders (EOC Type II), Clearing and Grubbing, Excavate and Export (Unclassified), Excavate and Fill  (Unclassified), Class 2 Aggregate Base, Asphalt Concrete, Crack Seal, Wing and U Type Headwalls, Curb Inlet (Type B1), Catch Basin (Type F), Storm Drain Clean Out (Type A4), Storm Drain Clean Out (Modified Type A4), Storm Drain Clean Out (Modified Type A5), Modular Wetland System (or Approved Equal) North (Site 5), Modular Wetland System (or Approved Equal) South (Site 5), Modular Wetland System (or Approved Equal)  (Site 6), Pretreatment Unit (or Approved Equal), Double trap System (or Approved Equal), Remove and Replace Existing Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter (6 Inch Curb, Type G), Commercial Concrete Driveway, Curb Ramp (Type A) with Detectable Warning Tiles, Curb Ramp (Type A) with 8' Wide Detectable Warning Tiles, Curb Ramp (Type B) with Stainless Steel Detectable Warning Tiles, Curb Ramp Modified (Type B) Per 41149-24-D with Stainless Steel Detectable Warning Tiles, Curb Ramp (Type C1) with 8' Wide Stainless Steel Detectable Warning Tiles, Curb Ramp (Type C2) with Stainless Steel Detectable Warning Tiles, Chain Link Fence, Chain Link Gate, Removal or Abandonment of Existing Storm Drain Facilities (30" RCP), Removal or Abandonment of Existing Storm Drain, Facilities (18" Unknown Material), Storm Drain (8 Inch, PVC), Storm Drain (8 Inch, PVC) (Concrete Encased), Storm Drain (12 Inch, PVC), Storm Drain (18 Inch, RCP), Storm Drain (24 Inch, RCP), Water Service (1 Inch), Meter Box, Temporary Resurfacing, Video Inspection of Pipelines and Culverts for Acceptance, Removal and Replacement of Existing Paint Striping, Continental Crosswalks, Video Recording of Existing Conditions, Tree Removal and Disposal (Less Than 24-Inch Trunk Diameter), Adjust Existing Manhole Frame and Cover to Grade, Adjust Existing Gate Valve Frame and Cover to Grade, Adjust Existing Survey Monument to Grade, Traffic Control and Working Drawings, Shrub (1 Gallon), Tree (24" Box), Tree (15 Gallon), Rock Cobble (1"-5" Size), Rock Cobble (4"-10" Size), Type 9 Mulch (at Maintenance Trail; 3-Inch Depth), Type 8 Mulch (at Planting Area; 3-Inch Depth), Irrigation System, Biological Monitoring and Reporting, WPCP Development, WPCP Implementation, Plastic Liner, Perforated PVC Pipe (Underdrain Pipe) (8 Inch), Underdrain Cleanout, Trench Drain (ACO K300 Klassikdrain or Approved Equal), Bioretention Soil Media, Graded Aggregate Choker Stone, Open-Graded Aggregate Stone, Modified Curb Ramp (Type C1) with 22.5' Wide Stainless Steel Detectable Warning Tiles (APN 551-080-36), Removal and Replacement of Existing Paint Striping (APN 551-080-36), Temporary Parking Lot, Equipment Rental, Trucking.

91200 - Construction Services, General (Incl. Maintenance And Repair Services)
91300 - Construction Services, Heavy (Incl. Maintenance And Repair Services)
91400 - Construction Services, Trade (New Construction)
237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
238910 - Site Preparation Contractors
238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
541330 - Engineering Services
561730 - Landscaping Services
524126 - Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers
541820 - Public Relations Agencies
237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction

Griffith Company will work with interested subcontractors to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages.

Requirements: Griffith Company is signatory to Operating Engineers, Laborers, Teamsters, Cement Masons, and Carpenters Unions. 100% performance and payment bonds required for the full amount of the subcontract price. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor’s license, insurance and worker’s compensation insurance coverage meeting Griffith’s requirements. A copy of the insurance requirements and agreements can be obtained by contacting the Estimator. Please call if you need assistance in obtaining bonding, insurance, equipment, materials, and/or supplies. Griffith Company intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project. Griffith Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Griffith Company
CA Contractors License #88
13400 Sabre Springs Parkway, Suite 200, San Diego, Ca. 92128
Phone: 858-727-3502 Fax: 562-864-8970

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This advertisement will run through the bid date.



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