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Advertisement date January 15, 2024 @ 2:30 p.m. through bid opening date

Papich Construction Company Is requesting quotations from all qualified DBE/DVBE Sub-contractors and Material suppliers for the following project:

Agency: Transportation Agency for Monterey County | Federal Aid Project No. ATPSB1L-6143(088)
Project: Canyon Del Rey Segment of the Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway (FORTAG)

Plans & Specs are available for review at our office or online at:
Bids open Thursday, February 15, 2024, at 2:00 PM
DBE/DVBE goal: 10%

Estimating Dept.
Email: estimating@papichconstruction.com

The work, in general, consists of construction of the trail through the City of Del Rey Oaks from Fremont Boulevard to Del Rey Woods Elementary School in the City of Seaside. An underpass is proposed under Canyon Del Rey Boulevard between Del Rey Oaks City Hall and the Frog Pond Wetland Preserve. A 12-foot wide raised pathway will be constructed to connect trail users from the underpass to Carlton Drive at an accessible grade. Along Carlton Drive, the trail will consist of a new 12-foot wide multi-use sidewalk with a 5-foot wide buffer on the west side of the road and will continue along the south side of Plumas Avenue to the Del Rey Woods Elementary School.

Quotes for Services and Supplies requested for the following items for bid including, but not limited to: Mobilization (5%), Lead Compliance Plan, Temporary Facilities, Construction Area Signs, Job Site Management, Prepare Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Storm Water Annual Report, Move-In/Move-Out (Temporary Erosion Control), Temporary Hydraulic Mulch (Bonded Fiber Matrix), Temporary Check Dam, Temporary Inlet Protection, Temporary Fiber Roll, Temporary Silt Fence, High Visibility Orange, Temporary Construction Entrance (Type 2), Street Sweeping, Temporary Concrete Washout, Temporary High Visibility Fencing (Esa), Temporary Shoring, Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Hazardous Waste), Remove Tree, Remove And Salvage Existing Light Pole, Clearing And Grubbing, Roadway Excavation, Export Excavation, Structure Excavation (Retaining Wall), Structure Backfill (Retaining Wall), Rolled Erosion Control Product (Netting), Hydromulch, Hydroseed, Compost (Cy), Incorporate Materials, Wood Mulch, Decorative Boulders, Soil Amendment, Plant (Group K) (24" Box Tree), Plant (Group K) (15 Gal. Tree), Plant (Group A) (No. 1), Plant (Group B) (No. 5), Plant Establishment Work (90 Days), Polymer Cement Surface System Pavement Markings (Endurablend), Decomposed Granite, Arbor Structure (Poligon), Edging (Metal), Quick Coupler Valve, 1.5" Gate Valve (Shut Off Valves), 1" Remote Control Valve, 1.5" Remote Control Valve (Master Valve With Flow Sensor), 12 Station Irrigation Controller, 1/2" Drip In-Line Tubing, Irrigation Controller Enclosure Cabinet, Rock Blanket, Furniture: Bollards, Furniture: Camber Bench, Furniture: Cordia Trash/Recycle, Furniture: Bay City Bike Rack, Furniture: Mdf Hydration Station, Furniture: Picnic Table, Tennis Net Post, Irrigation Sleeve, Del Rey Oaks Signage, Butterfly Garden Signage, Steel Raised Garden Planters, Tree Well Sprinkler Assembly, 1" Drip Valve Assembly, Plastic Pipe (Schedule 40) (Supply Line), Plastic Pipe (Schedule 40) (Lateral Line), Picket Fence, Small-Rock Slope Protection (3"-6" Size Rip Rap Cobble), Aggregate Base (Class 2), Slurry Seal, Tennis Court Crack Seal And Resurfacing, Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type A), Remove Asphalt Concrete Dike, G3 Catch Basin, 24" X 24" Concrete Drainage Inlet, 18" X 18" Drainage Inlet, Gol (7') Catch Basin, G0L (10') Catch Basin, G0L (10') Catch Basin Mod, Drainage Inlet Markers, 9" Area Drains, 36" Precast Concrete Pipe Manhole, 48" Precast Concrete Pipe Manhole 1'-5' Depth, 48" Precast Concrete Pipe Manhole 5'-10' Depth, Small Sd Hdpe (6" And Less), 12" Sd Hdpe, 12" Sd Rcp (Cllll), 24" Sd Cmp, 15" Sd Rcp (Cllll), 18" Sd Rcp (Cllll), 24" Sd Rcp (Cllll), Tee Energy Dissispator 24" (Cmp), Rock Slope Protection (Cl 1, Light, Method B), Rock Slope Protection (Cl 2, Light, Method B), 8" Gravel Filter, Bioretention Pond, Tree Box Biofilter (6'X10'), Infiltration Trench & 48" Chamber, 24" Sidewalk Underdrain Mod, Modify Or Connect To Existing Sd System, Abandon Sewer Pipeline, 14-Inch Dr 17 Hdpe, (Includes Excavation, Bedding, Laying, & Backfill), Install 48-Inch Dia. Manhole (10'-11' Depth), Install 48-Inch Dia. Manhole (14’-19’ Depth), Modify Existing Ss Manhole, Connect Existing Sewer To New Manhole And Base, Sewer Bypass, Pre/Post-Construction Cctv Inspection, Structure Excavation (Bridge), Structure Backfill (Bridge), Furnish Piling (Class 200), Drive Pile (Class 200), Structural Concrete, Bridge, Structural Concrete, Bridge (Polymer Fiber), Structural Concrete, Approach Slab (Type N), Furnish Precast Prestressed Concrete Slab (Type Sii), Erect Precast Prestressed Concrete Deck Unit, Joint Seal (Mr = 1"), Joint Seal (Type Al), Bar Reinforcing Steel (Bridge), Miscellaneous Metal (Bridge), Crash Cushion Alt (Sci-70 Gm Tl-2) And Concrete Foundation, Concrete Barrier (Type 85Sw), Concrete Barrier (Type 85), Tubular Bicycle Railing, Structure Excavation (Solider Pile Wall), Structure Backfill (Solider Pile Wall), Concrete Backfill (Solider Pile Wall), Lean Concrete Backfill, Steel Solider Pile (W 24 X 176), 36" Drilled Hole, Structural Concrete, Retaining Wall, Concrete Surface Texture, Bar Reinforcing Steel (Retaining Wall) (F), Timber Lagging, Clean And Paint Steel Soldier Piling, Miscellaneous Metal (Retaining Wall), Structural Concrete, Retaining & Seat Walls, Retaining & Seat Wall Concrete Aesthetics, Bar Reinforcing Steel (Retaining & Seat Walls), Bar Reinforcing Steel (Concrete Trail), Remove Pipe, Remove Inlet, Adjust Frame And Cover To Grade, Adjust Existing Valves/Meters To Grade, Detectable Warning Surface, Minor Concrete (Curb), Minor Concrete (Curb And Gutter), Minor Concrete (Stamped Concrete), Minor Concrete (Truck Apron), Minor Concrete (Driveway), Minor Concrete (Sloped Paving), Minor Concrete (Stairs), Minor Concrete (Sidewalk), Minor Concrete (Trail), Minor Concrete (Curb Ramp), Minor Concrete (Retaining Curb 1), Minor Concrete (Retaining Curb 2), Minor Concrete (Retaining Curb 3), Minor Concrete (V-Ditch), Minor Concrete (Valley Gutter), Minor Concrete (Weir - Bioretention), Minor Concrete (Plated Sidewalk Underdrain), Minor Concrete (Wheel Stop), Minor Concrete (Sanitary Sewer Blanket), Remove Concrete Curb, Remove Concrete Island (Portions), Remove Concrete (Curb And Gutter), Reset Mailbox, Chain Link Fence (Type Cl-6), Chain Link Fence (Type Cl-12), Remove Chain Link Fence, Wood Fence, Reset Gate, Remove Pavement Marker, Pavement Marker (Retroreflective), Remove Roadside Sign, Relocate Roadside Sign, Roadside Sign - One Post, Cable Railing, 3-Rail Guardrail, Guardrail, Handrailing, Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, 4" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, 6" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, 8" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Markers, Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Green Bike Lane, Lighting & Sign Illumination & Security, Rapid Flashing Beacon System, Foot Bridge (Frog Pond), Modifying Signal And Lighting System, Agency Permit Fees

Requirements: At the time of the bid, all subcontractors must possess a valid and relevant California Contractors License, a valid DIR registration number, meet the project’s minimum insurance requirements, and be 100% bondable. All subcontractor, supplier, and trucking proposals must be in strict accordance with the project plans, specifications, and any addenda issued. In addition, all Supplier and Subcontractors will be required to execute Papich’s standard subcontract or purchase order agreement (available upon request). Waiver of Subrogation will be required. Papich is a signatory contractor and will require a one-time job agreement for any non-union Subcontractors. Submission of a proposal shall constitute subcontractor, supplier, or trucker acceptance of all terms as listed above. Any attempted deviation or revision to said terms shall not be recognized by Papich. Papich can offer DBE firms assistance with bidding this contract including but not limited to: reducing items of work into smaller scopes, providing reimbursement for payment/performance bond premiums, and providing assistance obtaining materials. All requests for assistance must be made prior to the project bid date. Additionally, DBE firms must possess a valid and current certification to be considered for this contract. Questions concerning above requirements should be directed to our office prior to submission of a proposal.

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This advertisement will run through the bid date.



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