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Advertisement date December 7th, 2018 @ 3:02 p.m. through bid opening date



Real-Time Display Enhancement Project

CONTRACT NO. 59EP- l l 0

Bid date: Tuesday, January 8, 2019, @2:00 pm

The estimated value of this Contract is $1,500,000.00

The time for receipt of Bids may be extended by the District's General Manager, or authorized representative, from the above-stated Bid Opening date. Notice of such extension will be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the District, which publication will be at least ten (10) Days before Bids are formally received and opened.
Bidders should note that this Contract is subject to the District's Small Business Program that includes a preference of 5% of the Bid Price of the lowest responsible Bidder, up to a maxim um of $250,000, for a certified Small Business Prime Contractor submitting a Bid on this Contract. Bidder's attention is directed to the Instructions to Bidders Paragraphs 7.H and 14.B.1 and Supplementary Conditions Article SC7.4, which set forth the District's Small Business Program requirements. Inquiries regarding the District's Small Business Program shall be directed to the District's Office of Civil Rights, 300 Lakeside Drive, 16th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, Telephone at (510) 464-6100, or to BART's Website at: www.bart.gov/ocr.
Bidder's attention is directed to the Instructions to Bidders Paragraph 16 entitled QUICK PAY which describes the Contract's Quick Pay requirements. The Contractor will be required to issue payments to its Subcontractors who are certified as Small Businesses and whose invoices are included in the Contractor's invoice within five (5) Working Days of submittal ofan approved invoice to BART.

Prospective Bidders or Interested Parties (including prospective Subcontractors of any tier) who are not currently registered on the BART Procurement Portal to do business with BART are required to register on the BART Procurement Portal on line at https://suppliers.bart.gov in order to download the Contract Documents (including Contract Drawings and Contract Specifications), updates, and any Addenda issued on line and be added to the On-Line Planholders List for this solicitation.



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This advertisement will run until the bid date

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