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Advertisement date December 3rd, 2018 @ 11:15 am through bid opening date


391 N. Main St., Ste 302
Corona, CA 92880
(951) 356-1275 (951) 549-9003 FAX

Ames Construction, Inc. is seeking certified and qualified DBE subcontractors to meet the 12% DBE goal for the following:

 PROJECT: 08-0Q9104 - Retrofit bridge pier walls, footings and polyester concrete overlay, Colton, CA

OWNER: California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)

BID DATE: December 18th, 2018 @ 2:00 PM

***New Bid Date: January 8th, 2019 @ 2:00 PM***

***Addendum 1 issued 12/10/18***
***Addendum 2 issued 12/11/18***
***Addendum 3 issued 12/14/18***
***Addendum 4 issued 12/17/18***


PLEASE SUBMIT BID TO: Ames Construction, Inc.
391 N. Main St., Suite 302
Corona, CA 92880
Phone: (951) 356-1275
Fax: (951) 549-9003

DBE Subs/Suppliers required include but are not limited to: Trucking, Lead compliance plan, construction area signs, traffic control, pavement marking & striping, objects and markers, PCMS, SWPPP, erosion control,  demo, excavation/back-fill, erosion control, aggregates, lean concrete, concrete supply, asphalt paving, polyester concrete overlay, CIDH concrete pile, structural concrete, minor concrete, rebar, steel casing, micro pile, bridge removal, slope paving, pressure grout, RS concrete patch, anchor block and core concrete.

Ames intends to conduct itself in good faith with DBE firms for participation on this project. Ames will work with subcontractors to breakdown items into economical feasible packages.

Ames will require bidder to provide performance and payment bonds for the full amount of the Subcontract values. Costs of the bonds are to be provided as a separate line item. Please call to discuss how Ames Construction, Inc. can assist you in your bonding, credit and/or insurance needs. Also, let us know if you need assistance in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, or materials for this project. We are an equal opportunity employer. Ames’ Subcontract terms and conditions will apply to any contracts resulting from this request. The Subcontractor, by submission of its bid, agrees to the “Terms and Conditions” including all Exhibits and Attachments of Ames Subcontract Agreement. Ames reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations.

Bidders pricing to be held through award of contract.

Our contact for this project is Tony Mendez. He can be reached at (951) 356-1275. Please fax quotes to (951) 549-9003

 Plans and specifications can be viewed and downloaded at: 


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This advertisement will run until the bid date

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