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Advertisement date: September 29th, 2017 through bid opening date

Shimmick ConstructionShimmick Construction Company, Inc. is Prime Contractor seeking quotes from Subcontractors/Suppliers for the following project:

POLB - HD-S2368 Pier E Container Yard - Intermodal Railyard Stage 3, Phase 3

Bid date and timeNovember 14, 2017 at 2:00PM

NOTE!!! This project has a required PLA. 

Project Labor Agreement.  This project is subject to the requirement of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), included as Appendix AA.  The Contractor and all tier subcontractors must sign a Letter of Assent before commencement of construction and be bound by each and every provision of the PLA, including but not limited to: payment of prevailing wages, payment of fringe benefit contributions to union trust funds on behalf of workers, use of union hiring halls as a source for workers; follow alternating referral procedures if employing Core Workers; and Local, Disadvantaged, and Veteran worker utilization goals. 

Per the Department of Industrial Relations, projects covered by a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) are exempt from the requirement to submit electronic Certified Payroll Records (CPRs) directly to the Labor Commissioner’s Office.  However, the Contractor and all subcontractors will be required to submit electronic CPRs and labor compliance documentation to the Port uilizing the LCPTracker web-based application.  LCPTracker is used by the POLB’s PLA Administrator to collect and review payroll information.  Each Contractor and subcontractor will be provided a log-in identification and password to access LCPTracker at no cost to the Contractor or subcontractor.  Electronic submittals will require data entry of weekly payroll information including: employee identification, labor classification, hours worked, wage and benefit rates paid, etc. 

Subcontractors/Suppliers Requested for, but not limited to, the following:

The work for this project includes: Demolition of existing improvements including buildings and recycling of AC pavement, PCC and CMB. Erosion control. Earthwork and grading of the site. Construction of water, storm drain, electrical and communication systems. Construction of Container yard crane rails and rail foundations. Construction of yard lighting. Construction of various AC, RCC, CTB, and PCC pavement systems. Pavement striping.  Installation of fencing, powered gates, and K-rail, including temporary fencing and K-rail.  Construction of rail road track with ties and ballast.  Construction of intermodal yard crane rails and rail foundations.  Construction of steel racks for stacked refrigerated container access.  Construction of miscellaneous concrete structures. Construction of the terminal south gate including optical character recognition (OCR), roadability rep air and longshore restroom buildings and a canopy

Items of work may be broken down into economically feasible packages to encourage participation.  Shimmick Construction intends to conduct itself in good faith with all firms for participation on this project.

Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.

16481 Scientific Way - Irvine, CA 92618

Phone (949) 333-1500, FAX (949) 333-1510
For additional project information or to discuss obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, and/or materials, please contact Joe Henry at or at 949-398-6068

A sample copy of SCCI’s subcontract and long form purchase order are available in the plan room of this site for your review and reference.   

Any bid submitted will confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of SCCI’s Standard Long Form Subcontract, available upon request.  A Subcontractor providing a proposed bid/price will be viewed as accepting SCCI’s Standard Long Form Subcontract. 100% Performance and Payment bonds with a surety company acceptable to of Shimmick Construction are required of subcontractors. Shimmick Construction will pay bond premium up to 1.0%.  Subcontractors will be required to abide by terms and conditions of the AGC Master Labor Agreements and to execute an agreement utilizing the latest Shimmick Construction Standard Long Form Subcontract incorporating prime contract terms and conditions, including payment provisions-subcontract draft copy available upon request. Subcontractor must provide insurance coverage for their work as required by the Prime contract or Shimmick minimum – whichever is greatest. Shimmick’s minimum i nsurance requirement is: General Liability $1M-Per Occurance/$2M-Agg/$2M-Completed Operations; Excess Liability $5M; Auto Liability $1M; Workers Comp & Employer Liability $1M.  Shimmick Construction’s listing of a Subcontractor is not to be construed as an acceptance of all of the Subcontractor’s conditions or exceptions included with the Subcontractor’s price quote.  Shimmick requires that Subcontractor and Supplier price quotes be provided at a reasonable time prior to the bid deadline to enable a complete evaluation.  For assistance with bonding, insurance or lines of credit contact Scott Fairgrieve at (510) 777-5000. 

Material suppliers may be requested to provide a material bond for items they provide pricing for. 

Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. is An Equal Opportunity Employer


A contractor or subcontractor shall not be qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal, subject to the requirements of Section 4104 of the Public Contract Code, or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, as defined in this chapter, unless currently registered and qualified to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5.  It is not a violation of this section for an unregistered contractor to submit a bid that is authorized by Section 7029.1 of the Business and Professions Code or by Section 10164 or 20103.5 of the Public Contract Code, provided the contractor is registered to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5 at the time the contract is awarded.



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