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Advertisement date: April 4th, 2018 @ 3:10 pm through bid opening date


WABO Landscape & Construction, Inc.

WABO Landscape & Construction, Inc. is seeking quotes from qualified subcontractors and service providers, particularly those who are Certified DBE's for work on the following project:

Agency: City of Stockton

Contract No.: PW1418

Project Name: City of Stockton, French Camp Road/I-5 Interchange Landscaping project

 Bid Date: April 12, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Work includes, but is not limited to the following bid items: Non-Irrigated (Hydroseed), Gravel Mulch-Colored, Minor Concrete, Rock Blanket, Traffic Control System, Roadside Clearing, Job Site Management, Temporary Drainage Inlet Protection, Fiber Rolls/Straw Waddle, Construction Area Signs, Temporary Concrete Washout Facility, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Construction Entrance, Edging, Earthen Berm, Soil Amendment, Street Sweeping, QSP Services, Mobilization, Lead Compliance Plan, Maintain Existing Traffic Management Systems Elements During Construction and Traffic Management Plan-Public Information.

WABO also requests quotes from vendors, particularly vendors who are Certified DBEs and are either manufacturers or regular dealers as defined by 49 CFR 26.55, for all materials and supplies for this project. WABO will consider quotes for any work on this project including work we traditionally perform with our own forces to insure DBE participation.

WABO will work cooperatively with all qualified firms interested in bidding this project. We are willing to break bid items down into economically feasible units where feasible. Contact us to do so, or if you have any questions related to this project or wish to discuss the plans, specifications or requirements of the contract.

Please contact us if you need help in obtaining bonding, insurance, lines of credit, equipment, materials, supplies or some other form of assistance in order to participate.
Subcontractors will be required to meet our insurance requirements and bonds may be required.

WABO is signatory with the Laborers, Operators and Plumbers Unions.
WABO Landscape & Construction, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please fax quotes to (510)724-2391 or email to no later than 10 AM on bid day and be sure to include your contact information and state your status as a Certified DBE if applicable.


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