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Advertisement date: October 10th, 2017 through bid opening date

Caltrans Project No. 04-1G8404 Federal Aid No. ACNH-P116(049)E

 Project Name:  Construction in Sebastopol From Keating Avenue To Willow Street

Project Description: Reconstruct Curb Ramps and Sidewalks

DBE goal  15%
Project Location: 04-Son-116-26.6/R26.9
   BID DATE: Bid Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

This request includes the following but not limited to:
Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Type Ii Barricade, Channelizer (Surface Mounted), Portable Changeable Message Sign (Ls), Job Site Management, Prepare Water Pollution Control Program, Temporary Drainage Inlet Protection, Street Sweeping, Temporary Concrete Washout, Treated Wood Waste, Clearing And Grubbing (Ls), Roadside Clearing, Weed Germination, Cultivation, Soil Amendment, Relocate Irrigation Controller, Packet Fertilizer, Plant (Group A), Plant Establishment Work, Concrete Pavers, Wood Mulch, Check And Test Existing Irrigation Facilities, Operate Existing Irrigation Facilities, Remove Irrigation Facility, 1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing, Certify Existing Backflow Preventers, Drip Valve Assembly, Drinking Fountain, Reset Trash Receptacle, Wood And Metal Accessible Bench, 3/4" Plastic Pipe (Schedule 40) (Supply Line), Pvc Pipe Conduit (Sleeve), Imported Topsoil (Cy), Class 2 Aggregate Base (Cy), Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Tack Coat, Remove Asphalt Concrete Pavement (Cy), Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Grind Existing Concrete Pavement, Structural Concrete, Drainage Inlet, Minor Concrete (Backfill), 18" Alternative Pipe Culvert, 12" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Grated Line Drain, Abandon Culvert (Ea), Remove Drainage Facility (Ea), Remove Storm Drain, Remove Culvert (Ea), Remove Inlet, Adjust Inlet, Adjust Frame And Grate To Grade, Modify Inlet, Detectable Warning Surface, Minor Concrete (Curb And Gutter), Minor Concrete (Sidewalk), Remove Concrete Sidewalk And Driveway, Remove Concrete (Curb And Gutter), Pre/Post Construction Surveys, Miscellaneous Iron And Steel, Inlet Frame And Grate, Lighting (City Street), Pavement Marker (Retroreflective), Remove Roadside Sign (Wood Post), Remove Roadside Sign (Strap And Saddle Bracket Method), Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.063"-Unframed), Roadside Sign - One Post, Install Sign (Strap And Saddle Bracket Method), Install Sign (Mast-Arm Hanger Method), Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), Thermoplastic Pavement Marking (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Modifying Existing Electrical System, Mobilization




Published on October 10th, 2017 by Contractor’s Estimate, Inc.
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