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Advertisement date December 13th, 2017 @ 8:10 a.m. through bid opening date

USS Cal Builders is seeking qualified DBE subcontractors, suppliers and firms to meet or exceed the 6%  goal for the CONSTRUCTION ON STATE HIGHWAY IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY IN BANNING AND PALM SPRING AT SAN GORGONIO WASH BRIDGE AND AT WHITEWATER RIVER OVERFLOW BRIDGE Project.

Caltrans Project # 08-0R3504


Bid Date and Time:

-DECEMBER 5, 2017 at 2:00 PM- New BID Date January 9, 2018

Engineer’s Estimate:

$3.97 Million

Estimator’s Name:


Email Address:

Estimator's Phone:

(714) 828-4882 Ext. 3

Estimator’s Fax:

(714) 503-6805

Plans and Specs Link:


****Addendum No. 1 issued 11/22/2017**** 

****Addendum No. 2 issued 12/01/2017**** 

****Addendum No. 3 issued 12/12/2017****


The Work includes, but is not limited to: Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Retroreflective Sheeting (Type Xi), Portable Changeable Message Sign (Ea), Prepare Water Pollution Control Program, Temporary Construction Entrance, Temporary Construction Roadway, Street Sweeping, Temporary Concrete Washout, Treated Wood Waste, Contractor-Supplied Biologist (Ls), Structure Excavation (Bridge), Structure Backfill (Bridge), Imported Borrow (Cy), Move-In/Move-Out (Erosion Control), Duff (Acre), Dry Seed (Sqft), Bonded Fiber Matrix (Sqft), Fiber Rolls, Compost (Cy), Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type C), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type F), Tack Coat, Remove Asphalt Concrete Dike, Elastomeric Bearing Pad, Structural Steel (Bridge), Core Concrete (1"), Composite Column Strengthening, Composite Column Protection, Miscellaneous Metal (Restrainer - Cable Type), Sacked Concrete Slope Protection, Remove Sacked Concrete Slope Protection, Object Marker (Type L-1), Remove Marker, Midwest Guardrail System (Steel Post), Vegetation Control (Minor Concrete), Transition Railing (Type Wb-31), Alternative Flared Terminal System, Alternative Median Attenuator, Concrete Barrier (Transition Anchor Block), Salvage Guardrail, Salvage Crash Cushion. For detailed line items, please go to:

If requested, USS Cal Builders can assist subs in obtaining bonds, lines of credit and insurance in the preparation of this
project. USS Cal can also assist in obtaining equipment, supplies, materials or related assistance or services in the preparation of this project. USS Cal is relying on the price submitted in a subcontractor's proposal as an all-inclusive price for its trade scope found in the plans, specifications and addenda regardless of any qualifying language in the proposal. USS Cal's listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of any or all of that subcontractor's conditions, qualifications, exclusions or exceptions included in the subcontractor's bid proposal. The subcontractor agrees that its bid will remain valid for the same period of time that the prime contractor's bid must remain valid with the owner, as specified in the project's specifications.

Each listed subcontractor must execute USS Cal's standard subcontract agreement if USS Cal is awarded the project; the standard subcontract is available for review on USS Cal's website ( ) and at USS Cal's office. At the discretion of USS Cal, any listed subcontractor that withdraws its bid after USS Cal submits its bid to the owner will be responsible for the difference in price for such scope of work charged by the replacement subcontractor.

This is a prevailing wage project. If this project is subject to a Project Labor Agreement or Project Stabilization Agreement, you will be required to honor the terms of such agreement. USS Cal Builders, Inc. is signatory to the Carpenter's Union. Any subcontractor performing carpentry work must be signatory to the Carpenter's Union.

An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Bidding Department
USS Cal Builders Inc.

8051 Main Street, Stanton, CA 90680

License # 654454


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