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Advertisement date: September 18th, 2018 through bid opening date

An Equal Opportunity Employer
is requesting quotations from all qualified DVBE sub-contractors and/or material suppliers for the following project:

Pitman High School - Playfield Renovations

Location: 2525 W. Christoffersen Parkway, Turlock, CA 95382
Located in Stanislaus County, CA

Owner: Turlock Unified School District

Bid Date: Oct 03, 2018  at  02:00 pm

We are requesting bids for the following trades and/or material suppliers:
All trades and focus.

Bid documents can be viewed at or obtained from:
Valley Builders Exchange and J.L. Bray & Son.


J. L. Bray & Son, Inc
4501 Broadway Avenue
Salida, CA 95368
Phone: (209) 545-2856  Fax: (209) 545-5255
Denae Lawrence


For any bid proposal submitted on or after March 1, 2015 and any contract for public work entered into on or after April 1, 2015, the following registration requirements apply:  Every Subcontractor is required to be registered to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5 of the Public Contract Code (“Section 1725.5”).  No Contractor or Subcontractor shall be qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal pursuant to Section 4104 of the Public Contract Code, or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, unless currently registered to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5.  No bid shall be accepted nor any subcontract entered into without proof of the Subcontractor’s current registration to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5



Published on September 18th, 2018 by Contractor’s Estimate, Inc.
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This advertisement will run until the bid date

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